10th April 2019: Soundcraft ui12 digital mixer arrived
10th April 2019: Start of the brandnew band homepage with the registered domain ""
12th April 2019: New Mackie active speaker arrived
12th April 2019: First rehearsal with the new paiste china cymbal
12th April 2019: Finish rehearsal of "Nothing else matters"
26th April 2019: Start of refurbishing our rehearsal room in the school Basement
27.04.2019: Instagram account: enforced-official.
29th April 2019: Negotiation for more stage equipment like PA, drum kit etc.
29th April 2019: Rehearsal of new tune "As I roam" and new cover "One last breath" by Creed.
03.05.2019: Lightshow arrives with hazer for live performances
10.05.2019: First rehearsal in the new rehearsal room
03.07.2019: First live performance at the THRS
24.07.2019: Live performance at the THRS- Schulfest 
26.07.2019: Live performance at the SVK Weinfestival